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The difficulty when travelling with a computer is to find a proper power source. The universal electric plug does not exist, but with a modified adapter and a test pen, you can get electricity nearly everywhere
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Electricity For Notebook

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The difficulty when travelling with a computer is to find a proper power source. The universal electric plug does not exist, but with a modified adapter and a test pen, you can get electricity nearly everywhere.

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adaperPlug and play, yes if you have
the right adapter...

Having the right adapter set is the safest and normal way of connecting your electrical appliance to a power outlet. Adapter can be bought in some electrical shop, luggage shop, airport shop and some time on the airlines in-flight boutique. It is always better to buy the adapter in your country of origin, when you have time for shopping. Remember that an adapter does not convert the VOLTAGE, you may have to change (if not automatic) your appliance's voltage setting. When in doubt about the voltage don't plug in !

Plug and pray, yes if you have
the competence...

Warning: electricity kills !
Disclaimer: the information found below in this page may cause severe injuries or even kill if not used with proper care. If you have no competence, experience and confidence in handling live electric wires leave this page now. Asiaspirit Co. Ltd takes no responsibility - any test, experiment are at your sole risk and responsibility.
Remember: electricity kills !

Important considerations

This guide provides tips to connect your notebook computer (or other electrical appliances of low power consumption) to wall power outlets. Don't connect appliances of high power consumption such as hair-dryer or iron due to overheating risks. Most adapters do not have the "ground" (earth) - don't connect appliances that require ground connection.

adaper 3.3KbDepending of your travel destination, the voltage (V) and frequency (Hz) vary. Check that your computer power adapter accepts input from 100 to 240 Volt (V) and frequency from 50 to 60 Hertz (Hz) - the label behind your computer power adapter should display this information.

Travel light - a compact adapter

home made adapt. 4.1 kBtest pen 2 kB With a European plug, a modified American adapter (or vice versa) and a test pen you can get power nearly everyhere. The American adapter (or plug) needs to be slightly modified - the blades height should not be higher than 4.2mm (0.17") - if too shaky in certain socket, bend a little the blades. The plugs and adapter are easy to find at your local electricity shop. If you can't modify the American adapter (or plug) by your-self, ask a locksmith in a super market to do it for you.

The square pin socket

sqr plugsckt w/osckt wplug eu

With a little plastic insert, it is very easy to connect a European plug (or adapter). The square pin socket has a child-proof protection, without the plastic insert it is necessary to open the safety latch with the test pen. (3 figures - fig. 1 to fig. 3)

Another type with a safety latch slightly more difficult to open. (5 figures - fig. 1 to fig. 5)

skt-d1 4.3 kBskt-d2 4.7 kBskt-d3  4.6 kB
skt-d4  4.1 kBskt-d5  3.8 kB

big round pin plug  3.2 kB
Socket designed to accommodate big round pins plug,
can also be connected with a European plug.
The safety latch is of the easy type.

The OZ and NZ connection

oz socket  1.4 kBoz plug  2.2 kB Australia and New Zealand have very particular plug and socket designs. Some Pacific islands States have adopted these designs as well. It is difficult but possible to connect the modified American adapter (or plug) into such sockets. It requires that the contact blades be bent to the oblique shape. As in most hotel rooms an electrical kettle is at disposal, use the power cord for connection as describe below.

The power cord connection

power cord  2.9 kBcord socket 1.5 kBcord connect  2.2 kB

In most offices there are always some power cords connected to desk top computers, monitors, printers, fax machines, coffee machines and even in hotel rooms for the electrical kettle. With the modified American adapter (or plug) it is very easy to connect directly to a power cord.

Power in aircraft

Toilet elctricity  2.6 kB New aircraft have build-in power outlets in first and business class seats, however the computer power adapter can not be used, instead the airlines provide a power cord (available only for most common computer brands) for direct connection to the computer. In all aircraft lavatories there is a socket for European and American plugs, don't try to connect your notebook as it is only for very low power consumption appliances.
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