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Selling directly on internet is not a technical issue but commercial as the products and sales' procedure have to be internet compatible
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  • The reason for companies to be on internet is to gain exposure, generate new business contact and, hopefully, sales.

    Selling directly on internet is not a technical issue but commercial as the products and sales' procedure have to be internet compatible.

    The products

  • Downloadable products
    Software, music, news services (financial and others), e-books... are ideal products to sell on internet. The buyer, once the online payment completed, has direct access to the "goods".

  • Exclusive products
    Products not easily available in shops or that requires advance order and/or booking. Collectors' items are ideal.

  • Standard products
    Only if the prices are right and deliveries convenient sales are possible. Otherwise it is so easy to stop at the shop next door.

  • Products for "anonymous" buyers
    Any products, where the buyers are happy of not showing their face, are ideal for sales on internet.

    The procedure

    The buyer should understand the procedure before starting to place the order. Too often the will be buyer has to fill-up order forms before knowing the terms and cost of delivery. A buyer finalizes an order form only if everything is absolutely clear.

    No sales...

    Check the visit's statistics, it is important to have a good web server, compare first the number of visits on the "product page" to the "order page" than finally to the actual number of orders received:

  • Small differences:
    Not enough visitors come to the site; a proper site promotion is required.

  • Big differences:
    The price is wrong and the sales procedure too complicated or unacceptable to the buyers.

    Easy test

    Why not trying to sell the product(s) on auctions' sites. It is an excellent "reality" test.

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