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TSA Machines SA
Those CYCLEMATIC High Precision Toolmakers Lathes doesn't use threading gearbox, instead computer-controlled servo motor is directly linked to the leadscrew.

ADHOC Technologies & Sciences
Improved smoothness and optimal engine power yet at the same time an increase in efficiency and lifespan of your car's electronic accessories with a voltage stabilizer.

Pacific Mediatek, Inc
We install and maintain audio, video, lighting control, security monitoring and automation systems for the residential and light commercial market.

Laser welding Laser-Automation
Welding with up to 5 simultaneous axes, cw, with micro-spots, spots and seam welding ; helium-tight. Welding is mainly without any addition of material, the materials handled therefore maintain their intrinsic characteristics

Laser cutting Laser-Automation
laser cutting does not call for expensive tooling, it is equally suitable for making prototypes as well as for production batches. Our 5-axes machining centres enable the machining of 3-dimensional geometries. Cutting is possible in material thicknesses ranging from a few hundredths up to 12 mm, depending on the material characteristics.

Gauged and Calibrated Plastic Tubes
At STOCO we master the manufacturing of plastic tubes with a highly precise inside diameter.

Laser drilling Laser-Automation
The laser beam is calibrated for a drilling diameter ranging from 0.01 to 0.60 mm. Above 0.60 mm, the hole is achieved by interpolated cutting. Because laser drilling does not involve any mechanical force, the holes can be drilled close together leaving only a minimum wall thickness between them.

Laser marking Laser-Automation
The fineness of the beam makes it possible to achieve a high definition in the reproduction of letters, pictures, logos, bar-codes, identification numbers, etc. The programming is carried out on the basis of scanned paper - or computer documents, drawings, files, etc.

Las Carretas Mexican Restaurants
Kuala Lumpur - Ampang - Damansara - Subang Jaya. Las Carretas stands for The Wagon in Spanish. We serve great Mexican Food with a good selection...

Laser machining medical products Laser-Automation
Cardiology, plastic - and reconstructive surgery, dental surgery, ophthalmology, orthopaedics, urology. Needles, endoscopes, surgical instruments, implants, prostheses

G-Pet Kennels dogs training and boarding services - Malaysia
We Just Love And Adore Animals! Located in Klang Valley in Kota Kemuning. Training your pet to your satisfaction. Boarding facilities for your pet while you are away.

Mechanical Workshop Laser-Automation
Equipped to satisfy the demands of our own manufacturing programme (machines and devices for laser applications), our workshop has the capacity for contract work involving milling, turning, precision drilling, grinding and honing.

Malaysia My Second Home Programme
Malaysia My Second Home (MM2H) Programme, an initiative of the Government of Malaysia , accords people from all over the world to stay in Malaysia on a social visit pass with a multiple entry visa.

MM2H - Malaysia My Second Home
Malaysia My Second Home Programme - MM2H - is offered to foreigners from around the world along with their spouse and children, to reside and or retire in Malaysia.

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