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Does the perfect luggage exist? Shopping for the right bag, attaché case or suitcase is not easy. Few tips to avoid the worst...
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Does the perfect luggage exist?

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Shopping for the right bag, attaché case or suitcase is not easy. few tips to avoid the worst...

Attaché case

at. caselegs Attaché cases are available in two distinct sizes, american and european. In europe where A4 documents are standard, the attaché case height is 37 to 39 cm (15 inch). for american documents (11" x 8.5") the attaché case normal height is 12 to 13 inch (32 cm). A european attaché case can easily accommodate a notebook computer (commonly of A4 size) and a stack of A4 documents. In an american attaché case a computer has to lie horizontally and takes most of the space.

Large legs placed well apart, give the attaché case stability and slide easily on any surfaces. It is highly appreciated when you push the bag with your foot in long and slow immigration queue.

Moving wardrobe

wardrobe This is a very convenient bag for overnight and up to weeklong trips. Most airlines accept it as a hand carry cabin luggage. It is like a moving wardrobe, you keep your clothing in it, no need to pack, unpack, re-pack...

The fabric should be smooth with no asperity, nylon or polyester is best. The roughness of jute or canvas fabrics makes walking difficult as the bag swings along the leg movements. Friction also ruins your pants.

Make sure the handle and shoulder strap are reinforced as well as their connections to the bag. Around the bag corners, zipper stitching worn off easily. For emergency repairs use dental floss as a thread, it is strong and durable.

Wheels and handles

handleRolling bags with wheels and telescopic handle are very convenient as cabin luggage and save you from undue physical stress. The weak points are the handle and wheels if, for any reasons, the bag has to be checked in it is crucial that the telescopic handle be absolutely secured in its lower position. wheelRequest at the check-in counter some adhesive tape or string for you to secure the handle correctly. Airport luggage conveyors are gluttonous for extended handles.

Generally wheels are under dimensioned and worn off quickly. for smooth ride, the wheel diameter should not be smaller than 6 cm (2.4 inch). Protruding wheels, from the suitcase bottom or sides, are likely to be damaged by airport luggage conveyor belts. Bags with mini wheels are perfect for a single trip without return.

Locks and security

combinationkeys Combinations locks or build combination clamps are very convenient, the "number" is light and takes no place on your key-chain. Unfortunately the locking mechanism, made of plastic gears, wear off easily. when buying suit case with combinations clamp, it is important to know about spare part availability.

Key locks offer no better protection, nearly any key from the same luggage manufacturer will open your bag. In case your key is lost; custom officer or hotel bell-captain have the right key to open your bag.

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