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A website can be read (it MUST) from any page to any direction and in no specific order. Pages' loading is critical and has to be fast. A visitor should find the requested information in 2 or 3 mouse's clicks
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Website design

Website design
Web design
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  • Introduction

  • A website (online catalog) can be read (MUST) from any page to any direction
    and in no specific order.
  • The site is visited on line. Pages' loading is critical and has to be fast.
  • The design has to be compatible with search engines
  • A visitor should find the requested information in 2 or 3 mouse's clicks.
  • A website's success is measurable by analyzing the visit statistics.

    Website concept

  • The competition
    The best is first to check the competition.
    • Are they on internet ?
    • What do they show and say ?
    • Which construction's technique is used ?
    • Are they visible with search engines ?

  • The goals
    Set few goals.
    • Why putting a site online ?
    • Ad-on to the standard advertisement ?
    • To find new customers ?
    • To promote specific products/services ?
    • To save on advertisement cost ?
    • ... ?
    • How to measure the progress ?
    • How the visitor is supposed to use the site ?

  • The content
    • What to show and say ?
    • What not to show ?
    Have to be generous, visitors are not coming for few titles but for realistic information.

  • The chapters
    Define the chapters and the navigation system. Every company/organization has more less the same structure:
    • The company
    • Products / services
    • Contacts
    • News, special offers
    New visitors come to a site first for general or specific information and not simply to buy. It is therefore important, in a commercial site, to develop pages with informative content such as:
    • material used...
    • manufacturing process...
    • products history or origin...
    • Quality criteria...
    • tables of norm or standard...
    • special applications...
    • etc...

  • Site structure
    It is important to select a simple structure (site's tree) to facilitate future development and to ease maintenance. Files and directories' names have to be selected definitively as once the site promotion done, if changed, all promotion works are lost. For this reason, site re-worked on a new structure, loose up to 90% of their visitors.

  • The presentation's techniques
    Some presentation's techniques are incompatible with search engines depending on how they are used. Presentations in "frames", "Flash" and "graphics" are the main cause of site's invisibility with search engines.

  • Website promotion
    And finally, once the site online, a website promotion is required to obtain a visibility.

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