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Website promotion is the main distribution channel and has therefore to be carefully planned for all the site's pages
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Website Promotion

Website Promotion
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Website promotion is the main "distribution channel" and has therefore to be carefully planned for all the site's pages.
  • Mass promotion
    Automatic or semi-automatic software assists website's submission to more than 3000 search engines or specialized directories. Such promotion should be done once a year. Results are generally below expectation, however it allows "specialized visitors" to find the website.

  • Continuous promotion
    A regular website's promotion to about 15 to 25 popular search engines is best to obtain a good visibility on internet but may takes 3 to 9 months to be effective. Search engines submission's rules have to be respected but maybe slightly "abused"

  • Commercial targeted promotion
    Contact all agents, distributors, resellers, suppliers... to request a link (on their own site) with product and/or service description.

  • General targeted promotion
    If the site or specific pages have a good informative value on certain subjects, search for potential (with search engines) organizations susceptible to offer a link(s) to the site or specific pages. Reciprocal link(s) should be offered.

  • Direct promotion
    Announce the site to all your e-mail contacts.

  • Targeted direct promotion
    With search engines find all potential companies/organizations to be interested by the product/service and announce, via e-mail, the website address.

  • "news group" promotion
    Commercial announcements within news group are very badly accepted. However answers, to specific questions, with a link to commercial site (for illustration purpose) are tolerated.

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